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Characteristics of our press brake tools

  • High accuracy.
  • Separate parts to be assembled into press brake tools of desirable lengths.
  • Tempered, abrasive and hardwearing steel.
  • High sharpness, maximum limit on scratches of products.
  • Being used to produce containers of different shapes (ladder, semi-circle..
Characteristics of our double action presses

  • Fast idle running speed / high performance)
  • Equal upward and downward pressure forces helping avoid wasting material)
  • Clamping force varied according to working stroke and suitable for making products having depth and great diameter)
  • Excellence in making inox and aluminium products (containers, pots, pans, basin, sinks…)
Company’s unique charactceristics

  •  Lending press brake tools to customers who often sign contracts with our company.
  •  Regular promotions of press brake tools and double action presses.
Our company's pride

Our company’s pride is making different types of press brake tools and double action presses

About us

THAI VINH Production -Trading - Service Company limited (Thai Vinh Co.Ltd)


Main Office:       155 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District

Tel:                   08.35140336

Fax:                  08.35140335

Email:               thaivinhco.ltd@gmail.com

Branch office: 32 Group 31, Hamlet 5, Pham Van Coi Commune, Cu Chi District

Tel-fax:           08. 7949102

Hot line: 0913 921 904 (Mr.Vinh); 091 777 1802 (Ms Phương)

Guideline Activities

“Customers’ satisfaction is our prior aim.”

Branch of work

  •    Making and repairing different types of press brake tools.
  • Making and repairing different types of double action presses.  
  •   Repairing and assembling hydraulic system.
  •     Repairing and assembling machine-tools.
  •    Cutting, pressing and bending metal and inox sheets into desirable shapes.
  •    Consulting the design of machine-tools and production lines.
  •   Repairing and maintaining industrial machinery and machine-tools.


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